In Power Trans LLC, Is a privately owned and funded, non-emergency transportation company, which is focused toward providing high quality transportation service to all customers thought out the greater Metropolitan Phoenix area. In-Power Trans will provide services not only to all elderly patients, but also to parents and children with special needs.  Emphasis on accommodating those in special need of wheelchair, stretcher, and or ambulatory services.
 In-Power Trans will provide transportation services for customers who have private insurance and or AHCCCS.   
All vehicles are thoroughly inspected they are deemed safe and reliable according to DMV inspection standards and passed. They are handicap accessible and are clearly identifiable. Vehicles are maintained and clean by each driver, they are responsible in keeping their vehicle in adequate condition, by doing daily vehicle checks. Making sure oil change is done every 3,000 miles and maintenance is done once requested. All of In Power’s vehicles are insured with the best policies, so our customers can have the peace of mind that they will be taken care of to the fullest of our abilities no matter what occurs.
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4040 E. McDowell rd Suite 210
Phoenix AZ 85008